Wonton Nachos

Lot 88 Steakhouse
Address: 2005 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3T 5W7
Phone: (204) 269-3496
Menu: Facebook Page (huh?)

Remember Earl’s? Maybe Barley Bros? Well now it’s Lot88 Steakhouse and after the Valour game the other night we decided to pop in for a quick bite to eat.

It’s a nice enough place and our server was super nice. The menu is steakhouse with a twist. You can actually order raw meat on a “lave rock” and cook it to taste. I can’t really comment on what this tastes like because I was in the mood for nachos.

The only thing close was the “Wonton Nachos” and I was sceptical at first. For one thing, they cost $19 and don’t have any meat on them. Secondly, I had never had a Wonton Nacho but our waitress assured me they were good. Just to be sure I did a lap of the restaurant to see if anyone else was eating them and could not find one person. I ordered them anyway!

Wontons were good. It was a huge plate with lot’s of cheese just they way Timmy likes them. They were a little bit lighter than nachos and fell apart easily in the dippings but the flavour was there. For some reason, the salsa and sour cream were extra tiny in comparison to the major nachos. I immediately asked for more as soon as they arrived as I was sharing them as well. We barely made a dent before we were waiting for more. Another round arrived, as small as the first, and once again we were out before we were half done. I ordered another round of salsa and sour cream and each time it amounted to about a table spoon of each!

When we received our bill there were additional charges for 4 extra salsa and 4 extra sour cream adding $9 on to my “Wonton Nachos”. I let the server know I had no idea I was being charged extra for the dippings or I would have just enjoyed the meal less and not refilled on the dips. She was able to remove them from my bill after a short chat with the manager.

Wonton Nachos were good but $30 for meatless nachos is robbery. Bring your own salsa to keep costs down.

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